Trump Campaign Relaxes on Biden Post-Debate

( – Analysts have pointed out the relative silence from the Trump campaign as calls for President Biden to step down louden. Rep. Steve Stivers of Ohio explained the lack of intervention, stating, “When your opponent is blowing himself up, don’t interrupt.” Senator Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma added that Trump’s lack of comment on the unfolding Democrat crisis signals a greater maturity than the former President demonstrated in the past. Mullin added that Trump’s silence avoids accusations that he is bullying President Biden and allows people to feel sorry for him, knowing the public does want a President they pity.

Chris Ager of New Hampshire’s GOP stated that Trump only has to remain quiet and calm, promote his policies, and allow the election to become a referendum on Joe Biden’s abilities rather than Trump’s presentation or style.

Calls for Biden to step aside intensified after the first Presidential debate in Atlanta, which was largely seen as a disaster for the current Oval Office occupant. Sources inside the Democratic party told reporters that additional lawmakers, including those serving on key Congressional committees, are joining the chorus.

House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York reportedly gathered colleagues for a conference phone call on July 7, during which Biden’s future underwent scrutiny. Several Democrats spoke about the President’s electoral chances in November, and some stated that Kamala Harris is now a safer bet.

Nonetheless, the White House insists President Biden is not going anywhere. In his first post-debate interview, Biden described the debate as a “bad night.” He also responded to Donald Trump’s demands that he undergo cognitive testing, saying he does so every day as Commander-in-Chief.

However, the President conceded that he is “exhausted” as the punishing Presidential campaign takes its toll. He acknowledged he is no longer in exemplary physical shape but would not admit to any cognitive decline. Praising his record, Biden said he strengthened the economy, expanded NATO, and “put together a peace plan for the Middle East.”

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