Trump-Endorsed Candidate Victorious In Ohio Senate Primary

( – Trump-endorsed candidate Bernie Moreno has won a hard-fought primary contest in Ohio. Moreno won 50% of the vote, while State Senator Matt Dolan ended in second place with 32%, and Secretary of State Frank LaRose took 16%. Mr. Moreno thanked the former President for his support and “love of this country.”

In the campaign’s final days, Mr. Trump traveled to Ohio to support Moreno and spoke at a rally in Dayton on March 16. The Republican hopeful will now face Democrat incumbent Sherrod Brown, who, as Moreno pointed out, has been in office since the Nixon administration. “We have an opportunity now to retire the old commie and send him to a retirement home,” Mr. Moreno said.

The win will likely boost former President Trump, given that several senior Ohio Republicans, including Governor Mike DeWine and former Senator Rob Portman, backed Moreno’s opponents. Matt Dolan had run an expensive ad campaign distancing himself from Mr. Trump while claiming to have enacted Trump-like policies. In one ad, he hinted that Trump, and therefore Moreno, had divided the Republican party while promising he would be a unifying Senator.

Moreno seized on the ad in Dayton, saying he is sick of Republicans claiming Trump policy positions while simultaneously insulting the former President. “This is a good man. This is a great American,” he said of Donald Trump.

Columbian-born Moreno has not always supported the former President, however, and his past is sprinkled with controversy. Immediately before the election, his former intern said he used the candidate’s email address to prank a friend by posting an ad to an adult website seeking “young guys to have fun with.”

In 2016, Mr. Moreno referred to Donald Trump as a “lunatic” who was “invading” the Republican party. He added that he would no longer donate to the GOP if Donald Trump became the Presidential nominee and asked people to pray for Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan to secure the nomination.

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