Tuberville’s ‘Outlier’ Voice on Russia Praised By Graham

( – Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has described his GOP colleague Senator Tommy Tuberville as a party “outlier” who doesn’t truly understand Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a recent interview, the Alabama Senator described Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a “dictator” who should not have US backing.

Regarding Putin, Tuberville downplayed what many believe are his intentions in Eastern Europe. Senior political figures in the US and Europe claim that if Putin is victorious in Ukraine, he will invade additional countries and spark a global war. Tuberville, however, said he does not believe this is true. “He doesn’t want Ukraine, he doesn’t want Europe,” the Senator said, adding that Putin’s only concerns and motivations are preventing US weapons from “pointing at Moscow.”

Speaking to reporters, Senator Graham resolutely disagreed with his colleague and insisted that Putin seeks to establish a “Russian empire” across Eastern Europe. Graham said the issue at hand is not NATO or the US but a “megalomaniac” who will inspire global land grabs if the West shows itself not strong enough to stop him.

The South Carolina Senator went as far as comparing Senator Tuberville and others who oppose further US aid to Ukraine, to Nazi appeasers in the 1930s. Graham said, “These are the most dangerous times since the ‘30s,” but lawmakers and leaders must not make the same mistakes and appease Putin as Britain and others appeased Hitler, ultimately leading to World War II.

President Biden has likewise espoused the idea that Putin seeks control across Eastern Europe. The President confirmed his belief at a recent press conference in Paris alongside French leader Emmanuel Macron. Biden said Putin will not stop at Ukraine, but declared that the United States will not allow Europe to be threatened. Mr. Macron thanked President Biden for his loyalty to Europe and for “liking and respecting” Europeans.

Both leaders reaffirmed their support for Ukraine and its leader, and confirmed their belief that European safety is at stake in the Ukraine war.

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