Williamson Returns to Presidential Race

(StraightNews.org) – Left-wing Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has re-entered the White House race just three weeks after pulling out. Williamson said she was “unsuspending” her campaign to give the American public more options, arguing that the competition between Biden and Trump is a “car crash in slow motion.” The Democrat pulled out weeks earlier and acknowledged she could not win because she was unable to drum up enough support.

Ms. Williamson’s re-entry came just hours after results from Michigan showed a hesitancy in backing President Biden. More than 100,000 voters marked their ballots “uncommitted” in the Great Lakes State Democratic primary – amounting to 13% of the vote. Williamson gained 3% in Nevada, even after she had pulled out of the contest.

In her announcement, which she posted to social media, the Californian said Biden had done little for America’s working people and continues to insist that the economy is doing well. “Are you kidding me?” she asked, before declaring that millions of people are working two or three jobs or skipping meals just to stay afloat.

Williamson had initially hoped to gain support from the left of the Democratic party and those unhappy with the current establishment. She supports free Medicare for all, reparations for African Americans, and a complete overhaul of the economic system. Taking a pro-Palestine stance, Ms. Williamson has strongly condemned Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu at a time when the Democrats are losing young and left-wing voters over Biden’s backing of the Jewish state. She made clear that if she were President of the United States, she would focus on speaking to Arab leaders about the long-running Middle East conflict.

When she left the Presidential race, Williamson also lashed out at her party and said it was keeping a lid on the will of the American people. She accused her fellow Democrats of censorship and erasure and said they protect their preferred candidates and do not allow outliers to break through.

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