World’s Top Golfer Shares Side of Story Following Arrest

( – The world’s top golfer has spoken out after being arrested little more than an hour before he was due to tee off in the PGA championship. Scottie Scheffler was arrested on the morning of Friday, May 17, as he tried to enter the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky. He has since released a statement in which he classes the incident as a “big misunderstanding.”

As Scheffler tried to gain access to the club in preparation for the day’s golfing, he found a heavy police presence and what he described as a “very chaotic situation.” Shortly before his arrival, a pedestrian had been killed in a collision not far from the golf club entrance and police had been called to the scene. Scheffler attempted to drive on a median in order to navigate the scene but was reportedly instructed to stop by a police officer. The 27-year-old continued to drive towards the entrance and the officer, Detective Gillis, stopped him. According to the police report, Gillis gave Scheffler instructions, which Scheffler did not follow. When Scheffler instead drove away, Gillis was pulled to the ground and injured.

Scheffler stopped and was quickly placed under arrest before being booked into county jail shortly before 7:30 am. He had been due to commence golfing at 8:48 am. He now faces four charges, including second-degree assault against a police officer, as the officer claimed to have been injured after being dragged by the vehicle. Despite the charges, he was quickly released from custody and permitted to compete, albeit at a slightly later time that morning.

Scheffler has since said that he was simply confused by the busy and unexpected scene, and that he thought he was complying with instructions. He expressed his sympathy for the family of the pedestrian whose death had brought the police to Valhalla Golf Club. He has continued to compete in the championship, much to the delight of his fans. Some devoted fans have been pictured wearing t-shirts bearing Scheffler’s mugshot, others wearing shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Free Scottie!”

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