Young Latinos In Swing State Leaning Towards GOP

( – Latino voters in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania are leaning toward voting Republican, according to recent polls. An NBC survey in February revealed that Latino approval of President Biden has fallen to 35%, and support for Donald Trump is up. Nicarol Soto, a Democrat in the Latino-dominated town of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, said, “We are losing a lot of voters. They are moving to the other side.”

Pennsylvania Republican strategist Charlie Gerow argues that the GOP has a unique opportunity in the Keystone State and must become more active in Hispanic areas, which are largely ignored. “Anybody in a position of political power in the GOP who is sitting back and not bothering to capture this growing, right-trending voter bloc should get out of the way,” he said.

Among the issues mentioned were the economy, which Pennsylvania voters do not believe works for them, and illegal immigration. A local Marine Corps vet said seeing migrants walk across the US border and housed in hotels at taxpayers’ expense angers immigrants who came to America legally and worked hard to stand on their own feet.

Biden’s problems are not limited to Pennsylvania, as separate and similar reports reveal the President is struggling to maintain support among minority groups across the country. In December, the Los Angeles Times noted the drop in support for Biden in the Golden State because the Latino electorate no longer identifies itself as an aggrieved immigrant class but a fundamental part of America “that mirrors its non-Latino counterparts.”

In January, a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll showed Donald Trump leading among Hispanic voters nationwide and a significant fall in support for Democrats from black voters. In 2020, almost 90% of black Americans backed Biden, but by the end of last year, this had fallen to just over 60%.

The pattern repeats among young voters, who traditionally back Democrats but are moving toward the GOP and Donald Trump. Among the young, Trump leads President Biden by 37% to 33%.

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