Army Promotes 10,000 Troops Before Completing Training

( – The US Army has promoted thousands of officers without completing their training. The Army initially promoted 52,000 non-commissioned officers (NCOs) as a temporary measure during the coronavirus pandemic, and data reveals that more than 10,000 of those did not attend required training courses. According to, NCOs should be stripped of promotion if they do not complete “proper schooling within a year of their promotion.”

An Army representative told Fox News that soldiers are under review. Last year, the Army said it plans to introduce its “Select, Train, Educate and Promote” in January 2024. This date has been pushed back, however, but under its terms, soldiers would be required to complete all necessary training before promotions are made. states that the NCOs have not been stripped of their promotions because of the potential impact of thousands of demotions at once, at a time when the US military is enduring a recruitment crisis.

Last year, figures showed that the Army fell short of its recruitment goal by more than 10,000 and noted a dramatic reduction in white applicants – down from 44,042 in 2018 to 25,070 in 2023. Black and Hispanic recruitment figures increased from 20% to 24% and 17% to 24%, respectively. Officials said they had no explanation for the lack of interest from white Americans, but GOP Rep. Paul Gosar said it is attributable to “woke” military policies.

Furthermore, a 2022 report revealed that bad habits and lack of fitness mean many young Americans are not physically or emotionally prepared for military service. A Pentagon study found that a staggering 77% of American youth would not qualify to serve due to being overweight, engaging in drug and alcohol abuse, or suffering mental health problems.

The report noted that 11% would be disqualified for obesity, 8% for drugs and alcohol, and 7% for mental or physical health problems. The study looked at those aged 17 to 24 and was conducted by the Pentagon’s Office of Personnel and Readiness.

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