Blinken Raises Possibility Israel Violated International Law

( – Secretary of State Antony Blinken has accused Israel of breaking international law. During a recent interview, Secretary Blinken reiterated President Biden’s commitment to Israel’s security but insisted that the Jewish state protect civilians from harm. Blinken said that US government assessments of the conflict since last October conclude that, on occasion, Israel did not act within the law.

Noting that Israel holds itself to account through interior processes, Blinken confirmed that internal inquiries into separate incidents are ongoing in Israel, which “has the ability, the means, and the actions to self-correct.” When asked if the US ally had breached any agreements with America, Blinken said no. He also acknowledged that the war commenced with an “atrocious” attack on Israeli civilians and that Hamas notoriously places its own citizens in harm’s way to gain propaganda victories in the press.

Mr. Blinken’s remarks add to the increasing criticism of the Israeli government from US officials, including President Biden. The President recently said he would not provide weapons for a ground invasion by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) into Rafah – a region in south Gaza that Israel describes as the last remaining Hamas stronghold.

The Biden administration delayed a shipment of offensive weapons to the Jewish state, having repeatedly urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to exercise restraint. Netanyahu, however, appeared unmoved and said Israel would fight alone if necessary. “If we need to, we will fight with our fingernails. But we have much more than fingernails,” he said.

Republicans have ferociously condemned the President for his stance, saying it sends a message to American allies that the United States cannot be relied upon in their time of need. Donald Trump said Biden had taken the side of terrorists, as well as “radical mobs” on American college campuses.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Rep. Michael McCaul and House Armed Services Chair Rep. Mike Roger jointly stated that withholding weapons from Israel encourages America’s enemies, including Iran.

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