Counties Sue State Over Sanctuary Policies

( – Two Colorado counties have filed a lawsuit against state authorities over their sanctuary policies, which they say have made the Grand Canyon State more dangerous. El Paso and Douglas Counties argue that Colorado House Bills 19-1124 and 23-1100, signed into law by Governor Jared Polis, are illegal and unconstitutional and exacerbate the already overwhelming migrant crisis.

The legislation prevents law enforcement officers from arresting illegal immigrants, outlaws the sharing of information about migrants with federal immigration agencies, and prohibits agreements between federal agents and local law enforcement authorities.

The lawsuit states that the “nation is facing an immigration crisis,” and cooperation between agencies is essential. District 2 Commissioner George Teal told local media that terrorists are infiltrating the United States via its southern border, and state legislation is preventing their detection and capture. Teal also said he is sure other counties will join the lawsuit.

Regarding constitutionality, the suit claims that Bills 19-1124 and 23-1100 violate the Intergovernmental Relationships, Distribution of Powers, and Revival, Amendment, or Extensions provisions of the Colorado state constitution because the legislature is “directing judicial employees.”

Finally, the suit claims that the legislation violates the US Constitution by placing state law above federal law.

Governor Polis has refused to comment on the legal action but has previously offered mixed messages about his approach to the migrant crisis. He has called on the federal government to do more, and to allow states to issue work permits, saying Colorado has two jobs for every applicant. Meanwhile, the Governor attracted controversy last year when he decided to charter buses and send migrants to other cities, including struggling Chicago and New York.

The move prompted a public spat with fellow Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and forced Polis to justify his policies and insist they did not mirror similar actions by Republicans. Rather than trying to place extra burdens on sanctuary cities as Republicans did, he was simply trying to help the immigrants, he insisted.

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