Cruz Wants Biden to Halt Funding for UN Agency for Palestine

( – Texan Senator Ted Cruz has accused the United Nations of backing the Hamas war against Israel and called on President Biden to cease US funding of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNWRA). The Senator said UNWRA is complicit in Hamas terror activities and is funneling US taxpayer funding to the designated terrorist organization. Cruz claimed that Hamas uses facilities paid for by the UN agency, and some employees are also members of Hamas.

Allegations that Hamas and UNWRA are intertwined are not new, and last November, the Times of Israel reported that agency staff praised the Hamas attack on Jewish civilians. A report by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education contained details of social media posts from staff members expressing support for Hamas immediately after the attack. It highlighted the activities of 14 staff, including Al Azaiza, who posted a video showing cars burning in Israel under the caption “What a splendid sight!”

Afaf Talab, a UNWRA teacher based in the Gaza Strip, posted, “God repay the enemies for their evils, God make their actions be their destruction, God handle the Jews and their supporters, please God, Amen.”

In a further example, the report notes a Facebook entry by Ranoosh Salah, an instructor at UNRWA’s Gaza Training Centre, who described October 7 as “an unforgettable glorious morning.”

Last year, the United States gave UNWRA $223 million – an increase of $16 million from 2022. The agency’s Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini said, “This contribution will help us keep over 700 schools and 140 health centers open.” America has provided UNWRA with more than a billion dollars since Joe Biden entered the White House, but back in 2018, President Trump stopped all donations.

The Trump administration’s decision was prompted by fresh revelations that Hamas used UNWRA facilities and that schools administered by the agency taught Palestinian school-children to venerate martyrdom and fight an eternal war against the Jews.

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