Dem Candidate Gives Constituents Wrong Voting Date

( – Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who is running for Mayor in Houston, Texas, urged her supporters to vote for her but gave them the wrong date. Jackson Lee is currently competing against fellow Democratic state Senator John Whitmire in a bid to replace outgoing Mayor Sylvester Turner. A run-off between the two Democrats is scheduled for December 9, but Jackson Lee urged her backers to go out and vote on December 7.

The mistake was contained in a TV and internet ad broadcast on Houston television networks and online, and observers say it could harm Jackson Lee’s prospects by confusing her supporters and damaging her credibility.

The controversial Democrat, who has represented her Texas district in Congress for 28 years, is known as one of the most challenging lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Her Congressional staff have long accused her of dishing out verbal abuse, with one saying she regularly called him a “You stupid motherf—-r.” Another said she was called a “moron” and “a stupid idiot,” and yet another said the Congresswoman demanded she be treated “like a Queen.”

In 2017, Jackson Lee made headlines when a woman on a United Airlines flight said she was bumped from first class so the Congresswoman could take her seat. When criticized, the Democrat said she was targeted because she is black. The woman in question was a human rights campaigner who insisted she had no idea who Jackson Lee was or what color she was.

Earlier this year, Ms. Jackson Lee provoked criticism again when she introduced the Leading Against White Supremacy Act to the House of Representatives. The proposal intended to “prevent and prosecute white supremacy inspired hate crime and conspiracy to commit white supremacy inspired hate crime.” It even sought to outlaw the “replacement theory,” which purports that ethnic minorities are replacing white people in white-majority countries.

Conservatives reacted with incredulity and accused Jackson Lee of attempting to circumvent the First Amendment by legitimizing so-called “hate speech.”

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