Denver Mayor Wants More Migrant Services at Police and Fire Expense

McAllen, Tx/U.S. - April 17, 2019: A young Central American boy migrant who, with his family, is seeking asylum from poverty and gang violence, waits to board a bus to his Immigration hearing sponsor.

( – Denver’s Democratic Mayor has proposed cutting essential services to pay for the city’s growing illegal migrant population. Denver’s generous services to immigrants include food, accommodation, and medical care, as well as help with job training, translation services, and counseling. Mayor Mike Johnson recently stated that he needs millions more in public money to continue the services, with representatives from the police and fire departments saying that their funding will be cut.

The Denver Police Department said it is set to lose $8.4 million, while the fire department will be forced to operate with a $2.5 million shortfall. Furthermore, according to local media, 911 operators will endure a pay cut.

At a recent press event, the Mayor said it is possible to be fiscally responsible and compassionate, insisting Denver “finally has a sustainable plan for treating our newcomers with dignity. “

More than 40,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in the Colorado city since 2022, and Johnson is setting aside $90 million from the 2024 budget to assist them. Under new plans, newly arrived migrants will be accommodated for six months, given job training and help with applications, offered unpaid work experience, and provided with food aid. The city spent $42 million on housing and medical expenses last year and expects to pay out a further $100 million in 2024.

Not all Colorado residents are enthusiastic about the state capital’s welcoming approach. Lakewood, Aurora, and Colorado Springs have all been forced to open new shelters and provide financial assistance. Many residents are concerned that their cities will also endure budget cuts as officials attempt to balance the books.

In Lakewood, residents attended a recent city council meeting demanding leaders take action to discourage migrants. Resident Dawn Austin told councilors that the high public turnout at the February meeting should demonstrate public disapproval of Denver’s migration policy. “What you see tonight is informed voters who have watched Denver’s decline and don’t want the same here,” she said.

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