El Salvador Welcomes Desirable Immigrants with 5,000 Free Passports

(StraightNews.org) – El Salvador is offering 5,000 passports to highly skilled immigrants, hoping to attract doctors, scientists, and engineers to the Central American country. The initiative is part of President Nayib Bukele’s “Adopting El Salvador” program, which was launched last December to bring investment into the nation’s economy.

Mr. Bukele said the 5,000 new passport holders will comprise only a tiny fraction of the population but confirmed they will obtain full citizenship rights, including the right to vote. “Despite the small number, their contributions will have a huge impact on our society and the future of our country,” the President said. He also explained that migrants will not pay taxes or tariffs on relocation costs.

On its “Adopting El Salvador” website, the government offers immigrants the opportunity to live in “one of the safest countries” in the region. It pledges to protect property rights and pursue technological and ecological advancement. The government furthermore boasts of stunning natural beauty, a thriving business environment, and a young and productive workforce.

The Republic of El Salvador has a population of just above 6 million and is located on the Pacific coast, bordering Guatemala and Honduras. Politically, it is a democracy with a multi-party system, and its President enjoys the status of head of government and head of state.

Human rights group Amnesty International has slammed the country for rights abuses, particularly against women and homosexuals, and says law enforcement agencies often fail to investigate crimes against both groups. It is a member of the United Nations and the Organization of American States and participates in the Central American Security Commission.

El Salvador’s gross domestic product (GDP) is just under US$60 billion and grew 4.1% in 2021. The economy is dominated by the service sector at 64%, with industry in second place at 24% and agriculture in third at just over 11%.

More than 70,000 people died in a civil war in the 1980s, but a UN-brokered peace agreement ended the conflict in 1992.

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