Feds Raid Music Mogul Sean Combs’ LA and Miami Homes

(StraightNews.org) – Homeland Security agents have raided the mansions of Sean Combs, also known as “P. Diddy” or “Diddy,” as part of a sex-trafficking inquiry. The agents served search warrants on three properties in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles but would not provide precise details of the investigation or whether Mr. Combs was its target.

The Los Angeles Times reports that two of the former hip-hop star’s sons were briefly detained at his LA property, but his attorneys would not verify the details. However, they described the raids as an “unprecedented ambush” and a “gross use of military-level force.”

The musician-turned-entrepreneur is entangled in several legal cases and has faced accusations of sexual assault, harassment, rape, physical abuse, and sex trafficking. Last December, Combs called the allegations “sickening” and denied any wrongdoing.

In November, Mr. Combs settled a lawsuit with a former partner, singer Casandra Ventura, also known as Cassie. She alleged she was raped and trafficked by Mr. Combs during their relationship, which began when he was 19 and he was 37.

Since the settlement, three more women have made similar accusations. One woman, who filed a lawsuit at theNew York Supreme Court in November last year, said Combs drugged her and recorded a subsequent sexual assault. She alleged that the incident occurred in 1991 when she was a college student. Combs denied the claim.

DeVanté Swing, a male friend of the star, revealed to claimant Joie Dickerson-Neal that he had seen the recording of her alleged assault, but he was unwilling to speak out against Mr. Combs out of fear of retaliation. The former hip-hop star vehemently denied the claim and described it as a fabrication.

Other women who accuse Combs include Liza Gardner, who said he coerced her and choked her to unconsciousness. Another unidentified complainant, known only as Jane Doe, claimed she was violently raped in New York after Combs plied her with drugs and alcohol to incapacitate her.

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