Fringe Candidate’s VP Pick is BLM Co-Founder Abdullah

( – Left-wing Presidential candidate Cornel West has picked a Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder as his running mate. West announced his choice of Dr. Melina Abdullah during an interview with Tavis Smiley on April 10, calling her a “fierce and tireless advocate for truth.”

Abdullah is a co-founder of the Los Angeles chapter of BLM, and West said she would help to bring down white supremacy and patriarchy. The activist said she was honored and humbled.

Dr. Abdallah is the first Muslim woman to appear on a Presidential ticket and one of three women standing for Vice President in 2024 – with Kamala Harris and Robert F. Kennedy’s running mate Nicole Shanahan. Like Harris, Abdallah’s origins are in the Bay Area, and the two women attended the same university, but Abdallah insists that’s all they have in common.

The left-winger, an opponent of both major parties, said Americans assume they have only two choices, but she hopes to persuade the country that an alternative is possible.

Mr. West agrees and says both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are leading the US to war. Mr. Trump, West argues, is setting the stage for a civil war, whereas Biden is contributing to a potential World War Three.

Analysts say Mr. West’s choice will likely attract controversy, given the history of LA’s Black Lives Matter chapter. In 2021, for example, Dr. Abdallah filed a lawsuit against the LAPD. A long-time law enforcement critic, she filed the suit in response to police attendance at her $1.6 million California home in 2020. Following a prank call, allegedly by teenagers, armed police responded to the Crenshaw residence and directed her out at gunpoint. She sued for civil rights violations and accused officers of “terrorizing” her. A court dismissed her complaint a year later.

The California BLM group was also subject to fraud accusations after it purchased an LA mansion for almost $6 million just days after a member, Dyane Pascall, bought it for $3 million.

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