Fugitive With Various Identities Arrested After Years-Long Manhunt

(StraightNews.org) – The FBI has captured a man labeled a “master of disguise” following a four-year manhunt. Tyler Adams was detained in California and will be extradited to Hawaii, where he escaped from jail in 2019 while serving time for stealing $130,000 from a Hawaiian bank. Adams had previously served a 7-year sentence in San Diego and was wanted by the FBI for the murder of ex-girlfriend Racquel Sabean.

Having escaped from the Oahu Community Correctional Centre, Adams traveled to California and began a relationship with Navy veteran Sabean. The pair went to Mexico together in 2022, and Sabean’s body was found locked in the trunk of her car in Tijuana weeks later. Police in Mexico questioned him about the killing, but the next day, he re-entered the US under the name of Aaron Bain. The FBI said this was just one of many aliases the criminal used during his years on the run.

Sabean’s father described the relationship between his daughter and a man he believed was named Paul Phillips. He recalled that Adams made a “good first impression,” but this soon changed as Mr. Sabean said he noticed several “red flags.”

Firstly, Adams told the Sabean family that he was a Mormon, but David Sabean became suspicious when he noted that Adams had tattoos. “I’ve never seen Mormons, real Mormons, that have tattoos,” Mr. Sabean said before adding, “I started thinking this guy’s a phony.”

Racquel Sabean was found with her neck broken, and her father believes Adams was responsible and that CCTV footage can prove it. “In Mexico, there’s a video of Adams parking my daughter’s car,” Sabean said before describing what the alleged murderer was wearing at the time. He said he did not understand why Mexican authorities did not charge him with his daughter’s killing.

Denise Hosking, the Navy veteran’s mother, is also convinced Tyler Adams killed her daughter and said Racquel told her she did not want to be with him only weeks before she died.

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