Groups Pressure CNN to Platform RFK Jr For Debate

( – Three campaign groups wrote a joint letter to CNN urging the network to include Robert F. Kennedy in an upcoming Presidential debate. The Center for Competitive Democracy, the More Voter Choice Fund, and American Values 2024 have called on organizers to include Mr. Kennedy, saying that he is the only contender who qualifies under their own criteria.

CNN determines that candidates with enough ballot access by June 20 to reach the target of 270 college votes qualify for the debate. However, a letter from the three groups points out that Donald Trump will not be the official GOP nominee until the Republican National Convention in July, and Joe Biden must wait until the Democrats hold their convention in August.

Mr. Kennedy said CNN had gotten itself into a “jam” because he would have enough signatures for 343 votes by June 20, but his opponents “won’t be on the ballots anywhere.”

The popular independent candidate, who started out as a Democrat challenger, maintains that his most significant obstacle in reaching the Oval Office is the perception that he cannot win. He argues that this perception is strengthened by media focus on only the big party nominees. Kennedy’s social media output suggests he considers the upcoming debates an opportunity to improve public perception. He has tweeted that he looks forward to squaring off against Trump and Biden in June.

The Democratic National Committee has promised to heavily scrutinize Kennedy’s attempts to gain access to the ballots amid procedures that vary from state to state. Surveys suggest that Kennedy, who regularly polls in double digits, will likely take votes from Trump and Biden, but Democrats have long denounced the independent for what they see as his conspiracy promotions, particularly surrounding vaccinations, which Kennedy denounces as unsafe.

Nevertheless, a recent survey shows that the independent is eating into Democrat leads. A New Hampshire Journal/Praecones Analytica survey on May 21 placed Trump neck and neck with Biden at 36% each and Kennedy at 14.5%.

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