Hillary Swipes at SCOTUS’ Ruling Delay On Trump Immunity

(StraightNews.org) – Hillary Clinton has criticized the US Supreme Court for failing to deliver a ruling in Donald Trump’s Presidential immunity case. During a recent interview, the former Secretary of State, who lost to Trump in the 2016 Presidential election, said the nation’s highest Court had done a “grave disservice” to the country by delaying a decision. She suggested that the Supreme Court Justices were trying to find loopholes in Mr. Trump’s favor.

Supreme Court Justices heard arguments in April as former President Trump’s attorneys insisted he should not be criminally prosecuted for decisions he made in office. Trump’s attorney, D. John Sauer, said that without Presidential immunity, “There can be no presidency as we know it.”

The Justices questioned Mr. Sauer as to whether he was arguing that Presidents should be permitted to commit murder or other serious offenses. Chief Justice John Roberts, a conservative, said such a position also opens the door to widespread corruption and could permit the President to sell appointments and government positions.

Experts say the final analysis suggested that the Court accepted some immunity for Mr. Trump but rejected his claim that immunity is absolute. Much of the debate centered around the definition of an “official act.” The Justices appeared to agree that some of the charges against Trump, brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith for election interference, likely came under the heading of “private” and therefore, could not be covered by immunity.

The Justices also noted the importance of their ruling and its long-standing impact on the American Presidency.

After hearing arguments for three hours, the Court did not make a ruling, and commentators note that the longer a decision takes, the more likely Trump’s election interference trial will be pushed back until after November’s election.

Secretary Clinton said the American people deserve an answer before then. She said it is wrong for people to go to the polls “without knowing the outcome of these very serious trials.”

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