Ilhan Omar Backs Biden Despite Warning Over Israel

( – Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has confirmed she supports President Biden despite warning him he is losing Muslim votes due to his backing of Israel. Speaking to Abby Phillip on CNN, Omar said, “Of course,” she backs Biden because “democracy is on the line.” She went on to state that America is facing fascism and must ensure that Donald Trump is not re-elected to the White House. “I personally know what my life felt like having Trump as the President,” she added.

During the recent Minnesota Democratic primaries, around one in five voters opted for “uncommitted” rather than explicitly supporting the President. Omar claimed this was evidence that the state’s Democrats wanted the Biden administration to change direction on Israel.

Following the terror attack on the Jewish state last October, Ms. Omar questioned why President Biden concerned himself with the release of Israeli hostages but did not highlight the plight of people in Gaza, including American citizens residing there. “What is wrong with you?” she asked the President.

In November, she lashed out at the US government again, saying its Israel policies don’t “add up.” Writing on social media, Rep. Omar said American policy “is essentially that Netanyahu has no achievable goals in Gaza” and risks sparking a regional war. Yet, lawmakers were simultaneously asked to provide weapons worth billions of dollars to the Jewish state, she wrote.

Omar posted the remarks just hours after fellow Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, also of Minnesota, accused the Biden administration of supporting “genocide” in the Middle East.

Rep. Tlaib is one of the most outspoken US Representatives on the Gaza conflict and was censured by Congressional colleagues last year for participating in a rally where the notorious slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” was repeatedly chanted. The phrase is overwhelmingly seen as advocating the destruction of Israel. Tlaib defended the chants, saying they were a call for freedom and human rights.

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