Jordan Demands Additional Docs on Biden Corruption from FBI

( – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan has demanded more information from the FBI about the Biden family’s alleged corruption. The Ohio Republican wrote to FBI Director Christopher Wray on January 11, asking him to provide access to the FD-1023 document held by the federal agency and apparently exposing a corruption scheme involving the President and his son, Hunter Biden.

Jordan’s recent letter informed Christopher Wray that the document is essential to Republican plans to impeach President Biden. “The Committee requires this document to evaluate whether sufficient grounds exist to consider drafting articles of impeachment,” he wrote.

Last summer, a whistleblower claimed that the FBI had an FD-1023 report containing allegations that the Bidens received $10 million from the founder of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company that counted Hunter Biden among its board of directors.

Republicans initiated an impeachment process against President Biden last year, but this was side-tracked by elections for a new Speaker following the ousting of Kevin McCarthy. When he took the Speaker’s gavel, Mike Johnson said he would continue the impeachment investigations, but the issue caused a rift to develop in the GOP. During initial discussions, some Republican lawmakers urged their party not to pursue impeachment, while others warned that the timing was wrong and Republicans should wait until more concrete evidence came to light.

More recently, in an interview with CNN, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said the ultimate intention was not impeachment but investigation. Comer said he is unconcerned about whether Biden is impeached, but the probe is vital and should lead to new legislation and regulations to prohibit influence-peddling.

“My job was never to impeach,” he said. Comer furthermore believes that the impeachment process has already brought to light information about the Bidens that the American public ought to know. For example, the investigation has shed light on the extent of Burisma’s relationship with Joe Biden and revealed he spoke on the phone to the company’s directors during a board meeting.

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