Judge Order Border-Crossing Illegals Who Rioted Released

(StraightNews.org) – A Texas judge has released a group of migrants who stormed the US border in March and attacked National Guard troops. Law enforcement officers in the Lone Star State arrested dozens of rioters, but Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta subsequently released them on their own recognizance. They are permitted to stay in the United States.

The incident happened on March 21 when hundreds of migrants rushed a razor-wire barrier, overwhelming National Guard soldiers. The El Paso Times reported that the men had spent several days camping on the banks of the Rio Grande before making their move and forcing their way past the barriers. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said officers soon brought the situation under control and detained around 70 migrants. Mr. Abbott later announced the deployment of an extra 700 National Guard troops and 200 Texas Tactical Border Force agents to the region.

The migrants were released when the local District Attorney’s office failed to file the necessary paperwork to keep them detained, as critics warn that the situation at the southern border is increasingly chaotic and out of control.

Some Republicans reacted with outrage to the riot, with House Speaker Mike Johnson advising Americans to “witness” the “chilling” result of the Biden administration’s failures to secure the border. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas described the incident as “an assault on our sovereignty” that occurred “at the invitation of Joe Biden.”

The White House turned the tables and said Congressional Republicans are to blame for refusing to pass legislation that the Biden administration claims would have solved the crisis. A spokesperson said former President Donald Trump’s influence on the GOP was ultimately at fault.

Republicans in the House of Representatives refused to pass a bill that would have provided extra resources to border agencies and limited the daily number allowed to enter the US. Donald Trump fiercely opposed it, however, saying the White House already has the legal ability to control the border and refuses to do so.

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