Menendez Charged With Accepting Qatar Bribes

( – Federal prosecutors have issued a new indictment related to New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez and his alleged years-long corruption. The newly released indictment claims that Menendez took payments from New Jersey property developer Fred Daibes in exchange for helping him secure investments from a Qatari-linked fund. The latest document also extends the period of Mr. Menendez’s alleged corruption into 2023, a year longer than previously stated.

The Senator and his wife, Nadine Menendez, face several charges related to Mr. Menendez using his influence to help businessmen in exchange for cash and luxury gifts, including homes and cars. The couple were also accused of aiding the Egyptian government in exchange for a monopoly Halal meat license for a New Jersey business contact. The couple deny all wrongdoing.

Attorney Adam Fee, representing the Democratic Senator and his wife, said, “At all times, Senator Menendez acted entirely appropriately concerning Qatar, Egypt, and the many other countries he routinely interacts with.”

Nevertheless, calls for Menendez’s resignation came loud and clear from both sides of the political divide, including the Garden State. New Jersey’s Democratic Governor, Phil Murphy, was among the first to ask the Senator to step down, saying that the “alleged facts are so serious that they compromise the ability of Senator Menendez to effectively represent the people of our state.”

One of his fiercest critics is Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, and in the light of the latest indictment, Fetterman became the first to advocate the forced expulsion of Menendez from Congress. On Twitter, Mr. Fetterman called Mr. Menendez an “agent for two nations” and asked how long it would be before lawmakers removed him and sent him packing from Capitol Hill.

Many Twitter users agreed with Fetterman, but several pointed out that Menendez is likely not the sole corrupt actor among the nation’s lawmakers. “There’s more of them. Spring house cleaning is required,” one person wrote. Another said they were “Shocked he was allowed to stay this long.”

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