Mother Kills Toddler Son In Murder-Suicide

( – A Texas father has described receiving a text message from his wife hours before she shot and killed his 3-year-old son. Savannah and Brian Kriger, of San Antonio, were engaged in a custody battle over the boy after he filed for divorce in March. Before she shot the 3-year-old and turned the gun on herself, Savannah texted her estranged husband, advising him to “say goodbye” to his son.

Mr. Kriger said he assumed she was going to flee with the child and called his lawyer, who subsequently requested an order for her to attend court the following day.

Before she sent the text, investigations revealed that she had attended Mr. Kriger’s home while he was at work and destroyed some of his property. She then picked the child up from daycare and left messages for her husband, saying he had nothing left to go home to. She also accused him of infidelity and caring more about material possessions than his family.

Mrs. Kriger then drove to her apartment and blew bullet holes in her wedding dress and two photographs from her wedding day. When Kriger returned from work, he saw his home trashed and called the police. His wife made several further attempts to contact him, but he did not answer, prompting her to record a message that police say was made at the place of their eventual deaths – a drainage ditch in Bexar County.

Sheriff Javier Salazar said the mother’s final activity was watching cartoons on her phone. There was no further contact from Savannah, and patrol officers at a local park found the bodies the following morning. Both mother and son had died from gunshot wounds, and authorities say she purchased the gun legally from a friend.

Police records show that Savannah Kriger had filed for a restraining order against her husband, but Mr. Kriger insisted this was granted under false pretenses, and she repeatedly accused him of abuse to secure custody of the child.

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