New Biden Ad Slams Trump Over Abortion

( – President Biden has launched a new ad campaign targeting Donald Trump’s record on abortion. The initial ad begins with a clip of Trump praising his success in overturning Roe v Wade, saying, “I’m proud to have done it.” Biden’s response is to warn Americans that Trump ran in 2016 on a promise of ending Roe v Wade, and in 2024, he is promising a federal ban.

Nevertheless, Mr. Trump insists that national prohibition arguments do not persuade him. He has cautioned fellow Republicans against pursuing outright bans, warning this could harm them politically. Trump said many GOP candidates do not know how to talk about abortion and noted that many states “are taking a vote of their citizens, and votes are coming out both ways.”

The President’s new campaign promises to overturn the controversial Supreme Court ruling and “make Roe v. Wade the law of the land again.” Biden argues that Donald Trump does not “trust women” with a federal abortion guarantee, “but I do.”

The Biden camp hopes the new campaign will help the President win the Sunshine State, where the Supreme Court recently approved a six-week ban. A memo from Biden’s campaign headquarters says Florida is once again winnable for Democrats if abortion rights are “front and center.”

Campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez says focusing on abortion has mobilized and incentivized a “diverse segment of voters,” and successes for Democrats since the overturn of Roe v Wade are evidence that the issue motivates Americans to go out and cast their ballot.

Elections in Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky, for example, all voted in favor of abortion rights in the 2022 midterms, while states, including California, have enshrined abortion access in their state constitutions. Even in Republican-dominated states such as Kansas, electors voted against measures to ban the procedure. Analysts say these victories have informed Trump’s caution, and he has consistently encouraged Republicans to support three exceptions – rape, incest, and if a mother’s life is endangered.

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