Officer Charged Over Shooting Armed Man on His Porch

( – A police officer in Austin, Texas, has been indicted for shooting a man standing on his porch with a gun. Rajan Moonesinghe died when Officer Daniel Sanchez shot him after yelling at him to drop his weapon. Moonesinghe was holding an AR-15 at the time, but his family insisted it was pointed at the ground, and he was not threatening the officer.

The incident happened on December 20 when cops responded to a call saying a man was holding a gun in a residential area. The caller, who has not been named, told police the armed man approached him and asked if he had seen anything suspicious going on in the neighborhood. Police video footage from the scene shows Mr. Moonesinghe aiming the weapon toward his home and firing two shots, but the motive or intent is unclear.

Following the shooting, officers are seen rushing to Moonesinghe and attempting to save his life. Nobody was found inside the house.

Sanchez’s lawyer, Brad Heilman, said the motive for the indictment is political, and he is confident his client will be exonerated. He accused Travis County District Attorney José Garza of attacking police officers for doing what they are trained to do. In response, Mr. Garza said, “An independent group of members of the Travis County community heard the evidence and law and decided that Officer Sanchez’s conduct was unlawful.”

Garza, whose campaign was partly funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros, indicted 19 officers in 2020 for tactics used during the Black Lives Matter rioters. In May, he dropped charges against leftist activists who stormed the state Capitol to protest against a bill aimed at banning gender-altering surgeries on children.

George Soros has donated millions to left-wing DAs in recent years, whom critics say are responsible for crime explosions in their cities. His donees include Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner, Los Angeles DA George Cascon, and Alvin Bragg, the District Attorney who indicted President Trump in New York earlier this year.

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