Republicans Earn a Win When It Comes to IRS Funding

( – Republicans are claiming a win in the latest spending agreement because it includes cuts to IRS funding. The deal, struck between GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Leader Chuck Schumer on January 7, contains a $20 billion IRS cut for the fiscal year 2024. Mr. Johnson said that while not everyone would be happy with the overall agreement, the cuts provide a way forward and “reprioritize funding within the topline towards a conservative objective.”

Democrats, however, say the cuts are not significant enough, or a large enough chunk of the $80 billion promised, to prevent the IRS overhaul Republicans object to. Democrats said they sought the investment to reinvigorate tax collection, focusing on the wealthy, but Republicans said it would target small businesses and persecute hard-working Americans.

Both sides are touting the arrangement as a victory, with Schumer telling his Senate colleagues, “It’s a good deal for Democrats and the country.” Johnson said it was “the most favorable budget agreement Republicans have achieved in over a decade.” Not all of his GOP colleagues agree; some have expressed exasperation that the agreement contained no provision for securing the southern border.

The spending deal was needed to prevent a government shutdown before the new deadline of January 19 and limits expenditure in 2024 to $1.6 trillion. GOP hardliners such as Marjorie Taylor Greene have already said they will not back the deal.

“This $1.6 Trillion budget agreement does nothing to secure the border, stop the invasion, or stop the weaponized government targeting Biden’s political enemies,” Taylor Greene tweeted. Texan Rep. Chip Roy agreed, saying, “I don’t like what I’m hearing.” The House Freedom Caucus collectively said the deal was worse than they thought.

Meanwhile, after their negotiations, Senator Schumer praised Speaker Johnson and said he was a “decent guy.” The Senator said Johnson is a “respectful guy, unlike some, who want to be macho and bullying and threatening and all that. He’s not like that.”

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