Republicans Rankled By Their Departing Colleagues

( – Republicans are speaking out about the party’s slim majority in the House of Representatives and warning that resignations jeopardize the country as they risk handing the House to Democrats. Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina has raised his voice, saying, “The country’s at stake. To put the Democrats in control of what might happen is inexcusable.”

Rep. Norman’s remarks come following the recent resignation of Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin, who announced he will step down in April. Similarly, Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado recently stated that he will not seek re-election. Norman criticized Mr. Gallagher for staying until April, saying he should go immediately and allow an election. Gallagher’s resignation date is after the deadline for an election in the Badger State.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has similarly criticized Reps. Gallagher and Buck, saying House Speaker Mike Johnson should expel the Wisconsin lawmaker and allow time for a replacement.

The GOP’s numerical problems were exacerbated further by Rep. Bill Johnson’s departure to take up an academic role at Youngstown State University, Rep. George Santos’s expulsion on corruption claims, and the loss of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy last year.

Republicans currently hold one of the smallest majorities ever recorded in the House of Representatives, with 219 seats to the Democrats’ 213. The 118th House has made history in several respects, marking the first expulsion of a lawmaker without a criminal conviction since the Civil War and the first time a Speaker has been voted out of office.

New York Rep. George Santos’ expulsion last December came weeks after McCarthy’s historic ousting. The latter occurred when Republicans, led by Floridian Rep. Matt Gaetz, voted with Democrats to remove Mr. McCarthy. This decision led to weeks of chaos as the GOP struggled to name a successor. Current Speaker Mike Johnson has already faced a motion to vacate. This was filed by Rep. Taylor Greene, who accused him of betraying Republicans and aiding Democrats.

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