School District Investigates Openly Communist Teacher in Leftist State

( – Seattle Public Schools (SPS) has confirmed it is investigating an openly communist teacher who justified the murder of Israeli civilians by Hamas last October. Having reviewed his social media content, conservative activists from Accuracy in Media confronted the teacher on a school campus and recorded the exchange. They asked him if the rape and murder of women at a music festival in Israel in October was justified, and Ian Golash replied, “Yes.” Questioned again for clarity, he backtracked somewhat and said while the murder of innocent women was unjust, “resistance against Israel is justified, yes.”

SPS officials confirmed they are investigating Mr. Golash. They told reporters that providing pupils with an “inclusive” environment is their top priority, and they would not tolerate antisemitism in schools or offices.

The left-wing teacher also hit newspaper headlines in January this year for telling heterosexual pupils that identifying as straight was offensive to gay people. The 10th-grade educator, employed at Chief Sealth High School as a teacher of world history and ethics, told a pupil that describing himself as “straight” implied that gays are “crooked.” The student’s mother filed a complaint. It was her second – she had earlier objected when the teacher marked her child’s paper as “wrong” when he wrote that only women can become pregnant.

Last December, the campaign group Stop Antisemitism condemned Golash for posting on social media that Hamas did not rape or behead anybody on October 7. He explicitly blamed Israel for the “bodies found charred beyond recognition” and said Israeli tanks caused the deaths. He continued his anti-Israel comments, saying that soldiers of the Jewish states’s military “chose to obliterate Israeli civilians” in their quest to neutralize Hamas.

Furthermore, Golash reportedly distributed a comic book to his pupils that characterized the Middle East conflict with an Israeli aggressor “occupying” the Gaza Strip.

Officials at the Chief Sealth High School said they were unaware of the comic strip but would not comment on individual personnel matters.

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