Senator Graham’s Phone Handed to FBI Over Potential Hacking

( – Senator Lindsay Graham said the FBI took possession of his cell phone after an apparent hacking. Speaking at the Hill & Valley Forum in Washington, DC, where tech vulnerabilities were discussed, the Senator said caution is required and recounted his experience. The Republican explained that he received a text message that appeared to be from Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, but it was an imposter.

In an email from the Sergeant at Arms to Senate employees, officials stated that the hacking process begins with a message purporting to be from a trusted and requesting that the receiver install communications apps. This is followed by “abnormal” phone behavior, the email stated.

Neither the Senator nor his spokesperson, Taylor Reidy, identified any potential suspects, but the Sergeant at Arms warned that hacking instances on Capitol Hill are increasing. Senator Graham noted that the phone at the center of the latest attack was his personal cell phone, not one issued by the Senate.

The incident happened just days after FBI Director Christopher Wray warned about a new sophisticated hacking system, Volt Typhoon, which he said is linked to the Chinese government. Speaking at Vanderbilt University in April, Mr. Wray said China has established networks that can “wreak havoc” in the United States at the request of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Wray said the system has successfully infiltrated numerous communications, energy, and water companies, adding, “Its plan is to land low blows against civilian infrastructure to try to induce panic.”

Chinese leaders rejected the claim and said the United States is using the “origin-tracing of cyber-attacks” as a weapon against China. A Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson said the CCP has no connection to Volt Typhoon, a criminal underground hacking system.

However, US internet security expert Mandiant said the Volt Typhoon is backed by the Chinese government, which routinely uses malware and spyware to attack the US. It said the Chinese army has units dedicated to the operations.

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