Senators Urge Direct Response to Iran Follow US Troops’ Deaths

( – US Senators are urging President Biden to respond to the killing of three American troops in Jordan. Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina called on the White House to strike inside Iran, which is believed to fund Islamic Resistance, the group that claimed responsibility for the attack. “Hit Iran now. Hit them hard,” Graham said.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called President Biden weak, and this was reflected in the loss of American lives. McConnell said the world is waiting for the United States to reassert its authority on the global stage, and Biden must “compel Iran to change its behavior.”

Senator John Cornyn agreed and urged the Commander-in-Chief to “target Tehran,” the Iranian capital, as well as its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Tom Cotton of Arizona added his voice, claiming Biden’s cowardice has emboldened America’s enemies by “tolerating attacks on our troops.”

Other Senators to condemn the President’s inaction included Rick Scott of Florida, Martin Heinrich and Jacky Rosen of Nevada, and Jeanne Shaheen from New Hampshire.

President Biden later confirmed that he holds Iran responsible for the American deaths, while Iranian political analyst Ahmad Zeidabadi warned that the US could strike inside Iran’s territory. He added, however, that it is more likely to hit Iranian proxy groups located in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, or elsewhere in the Middle East.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian called for diplomacy and said any US retaliation should be “political.” China and Russia both warned President Biden not to attack Iran directly, saying this would lead to a “cycle of retaliation.”

The crisis erupted when a group known as Islamic Resistance launched a drone attack on a US military base in Jordan, injuring dozens of American soldiers and killing three. The Pentagon identified the dead American troops as 46-year-old Sgt William Jerome Rivers, 24-year-old Specialist Kennedy Ladon Sanders, and 23-year-old Specialist Breonna Alexsondria Moffett. All three are from Georgia and were assigned to the 718th Engineer Company, 926th Engineer Battalion in Fort Moore.

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