State Judge Accused of Shooting Up Relative’s Home

( – An Oklahoma judge has been accused of firing a gun at a relative’s house. A jury indicted 59-year-old Garfield County Associate District Judge Brian Lovell on two felony counts connected to a drive-by shooting at his brother-in-law’s home. The Oklahoma charges come on top of a separate indictment in Texas, where the judge is accused of rear-ending a woman’s vehicle and shooting at parked cars.

Defense attorney Stephen Jones said his client would “vigorously” defend himself and that prosecutors do not have the evidence to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the judge committed the offenses.

The shooting incident took place in February 2023. Judge Lovell’s brother-in-law, Kenneth Markes, called the police from his home in Bison and reported five shots fired at his home. A subsequent report from Garfield County sheriff’s office confirmed that .40-caliber bullets had struck a window, a wall, and an oven but not caused any injuries or fatalities. The sheriff’s report also noted that Judge Lovell reported his .40-caliber gun missing days later.

In September, Lovell was arrested in Texas for allegedly driving into the back of a woman’s vehicle and firing at parked cars. The judge and his vehicle matched the description provided by witnesses, and prosecutors charged him with deadly conduct with a firearm and reckless driving.

An affidavit recorded Lovell stating that he accidentally struck the woman’s car in Austin but had no memory of shooting at vehicles. He did acknowledge carrying two handguns at the time, however.

Following the Texas incident, Oklahoma authorities began questioning whether the judge may have been involved in the shooting incident at this brother-in-law’s home. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation subsequently examined shell casings from the scene and found that they matched Lovell’s gun. They also discovered that, despite being estranged, the two men lived just miles apart. Markes said he could not understand the motive for the attack because he had not spoken to the judge in more than 15 years.

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