Supreme Court Extends Stay of Controversial Texas Immigration Law

( – The US Supreme Court has extended a stay disallowing the enforcement of Texas immigration laws. SB4, passed by the Lone Star State legislature last November, allows Texas law enforcement officers to arrest and detain illegal immigrants and gives judges the power to order their deportation to Mexico. The Biden administration challenged the legislation, saying only the federal government has the power to deport migrants.

The Court disallowed SB4 from taking effect with an administrative stay, which Justice Samuel Alito has now extended until March 18. The Supreme Court intervened after US District Court Judge David Ezra barred Texas officials from implementing the law in February.

Local law enforcement, however, praised the Texan legislation. Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe, whose district is on the border, said it would “be one more tool in our toolbox to prevent the destruction of our country.”

The case represents the second potential clash between Texas and the Supreme Court in recent months. In January, Governor Greg Abbott ignored a ruling by the nation’s most senior Court after it ordered the removal of razor wire along the Rio Grande. After the order, Texas refused to take the wire down and added even more.

Governor Abbott insisted that his state’s right to self-defense outranked federal law and was supported by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Lt. Chris Olivarez said that the Lone Star State is doing all it can to protect the US border, while the federal government has done nothing to “discourage illegal immigration.”

Several GOP Governors from across the United States have offered moral support to Governor Abbott, including Florida’s Ron DeSantis, who sent National Guard troops to Texas to help reinforce the border.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said that every state is a border state as people and deadly drugs cross into America unimpeded. Kemp was one of 13 to join Mr. Abbott at a February press conference where they insisted on states’ rights to “defend themselves from Joe Biden.”

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