Texas Wireless Provider Flies Pro-Israel Banner Over Colleges

(StraightNews.org) – A Texan cell phone company teamed up with a pro-Israel group to express solidarity with the Jewish state as pro-Palestinian demonstrations rage across America. Patriot Mobile and Jewish Lives Matter cooperated to arrange for planes to fly over US universities carrying a banner that reads “God Bless Israel.” The aircraft has already flown above Columbia University in New York City, and Patriot Mobile said it is scheduled to appear in the skies over the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), the University of Southern California (USC), Harvard, Boston College, and the University of Texas in Austin.

Patriot Mobile CEO Glenn Story said his company took the controversial step because “there is no room for antisemitism in America.” The Christian company’s leader declared that he is committed to the principles of the US Constitution but insisted that preventing Jewish students from reaching class or committing vandalism is “not free speech.”

The wireless provider has a long history of supporting Israel and was among those invited to Washington, DC, last year to see video footage of the October 7 Hamas attack. Immediately afterward, the company announced its commitment to supporting the Jewish state and fighting antisemitism in the US.

Meanwhile, violence erupted at the UCLA campus in California when pro-Israel activists arrived to confront pro-Palestinian groups who had been camping on the school’s lawns for days. Witnesses say physical fights broke out, involving up to 200 people, and police used pepper spray and rubber bullets to bring the situation under control.

Video footage on social media showed counter-protestors dismantling encampments and pulling down barriers as sirens blared in the background.

UCLA has canceled classes, while Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass described the violence as “abhorrent and inexcusable.” She confirmed the deployment of the Los Angeles Police Department on Twitter. California Governor Gavin Newsom declared his support for free expression but said this does not extend to violence or vandalism. “Those who engage in illegal behavior must be held accountable,” Newsom said.

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