Ukraine Blasts Strategic Rail Tunnel 3,000 Miles Inside Russia

( – Ukraine says it has conducted its most devastating attack on Russian soil since the war began and interrupted a crucial weapons supply route. Four blasts smashed a ten-mile tunnel in the Severomuyskiy mountains 3,000 miles inside Russian territory and cut off the main link between Russia and China. Russian media reported the explosions but did not cite the cause.

Ukraine’s SBU intelligence service said it was responsible for the assault, which reportedly blew up a 41-carriage train that included three tankers of aviation fuel. Moscow told Russians that there was a “fire” in the tunnel, and specialist trains were rushed to the scene, but no fatalities or injuries were incurred.

Russian officials subsequently reported its intent to conduct an investigation into a “criminal case of terrorism.” The two warring nations have made further conflicting statements about the incident, with Russia saying the railway crew noticed smoke in a fuel tank and stopped the train, while Ukraine insists the train exploded.

Kyiv also contends that Russia then used an alternative route over a 35m-high bridge, and a second explosion occurred there – caused by devices planted by Ukrainian intelligence operatives. Further details, or the veracity of the claims, remain unclear.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has canceled his planned address to the US Senate, where he intended to appeal for more American funding for his country’s war effort. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the address was revoked because “something came up at the last minute.”

President Biden invited the Ukrainian leader to address lawmakers and tell them “precisely what is at stake,” as Republican apprehension threatens to suspend US aid. A bill for $106 billion of funding – including assistance for both Ukraine and Israel – is stalled by GOP demands that financial support of Ukraine be exchanged for immigration reform at home.

The White House warned Congress that failure to approve the package would “kneecap” Ukraine and grind its military to a halt.

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